• Some changes  to level 17 to prevent an unintended solution.
  • A small change  to level 18 to prevent an unintended solution.
  • Changed to lock player input while shooting to prevent the solution from relying on quick manipulation. (For example, level 8, 14)
  • Fixed a bug that caused skulls to disappear when blocks were pushed.
  • Changed to prevent chanting while pushing blocks.

I made a walkthrough.


mc_0.02.zip Play in browser
Jan 16, 2022
mc_0.02_windows.zip 946 kB
Jan 16, 2022
mc_0.02_linux.zip 700 kB
Jan 16, 2022
mc_0.02_osx.zip 3 MB
Jan 16, 2022

Get Magicube (early demo)

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