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this is cool!

Great game! I was wondering on how you made the menu part, cuz i looked on the documentation for puzzlescript and couldnt find anything that works. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply. There are several versions of puzzlescript.

has level selector by Pancelor

has resolution settings, external fonts, etc by Auroriax

has music editor by Competor




Interesting take on sokoban! I just wish the difficulty curve wasn't that steep- I had to look at a playthrough to get past level 2, and I felt like mechanics could have been broken down more before getting to that level.

Still, solid idea, can't wait to see what other games you have in store :)


Cool idea and cute visuals :)


This is so great


This playthrough is v1.0

Very nice puzzles!

I am stuck. On level 2. And quite embarrassed by that! I feel like I must be missing something obvious.

(Now if my track history is any indication, I'll solve it almost immediately after posting this comment.)

Thanks for playing! The second tutorial has a hint :)

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Really enjoying this (in one level increments such as my weary brain allows!)

I completed level 13 without moving the 2x3 block at all or using the furthest two crates.. wondering if that was an unintended solution? (spoiler image below the fold)



Yes, it's unintended. I will fix it. Thank you for your report!

Extravagant and delicious!


That’s quite a compliment! So happy you enjoyed :)